Saturday, 13 June 2015


One thing that I wished I'd learned more of when I was younger is languages. I envy other countries who learn a second language from an early age. 

When I was at secondary school we had the choice of learning French or German. I was one of the lucky few who were given the chance to learn both but sadly when I left school for college I didn't carry either on. I sometimes wonder if I'd have started learning them sooner in Primary school would I have carried it on later in life?

That aside I do remember quite a bit of French and when we have been in France I have known enough to get by. German however...I barely remember a thing, well I can count to 100, tell you my name and that's where that talent ends. 

Since starting to visit Portugal for holiday I've really wanted to learn Portugese. I've picked up a couple of phrases from holidays and even bought some CD's to try and help but it never really seemed to sink in. Recently I have discovered Duolingo and I am really enjoying it. All of the levels are varied and it's almost like playing a game which keeps you interested. Because the levels are in bite sized chunks it makes it really easy to learn in my lunch break or when I have a spare 5 minutes. 

I'm hoping by the time our holiday in September comes round I will have learned enough to really test my new skill. And then maybe by the time we get to emigrate over there I will be fluent ��

Have any of you tried Duolingo? 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Fighting fit

At last I feel like myself again!! Yipeeeeeee!

I am rubbish at being ill ha ha just purely because I refuse to actually admit that I am feeling under the weather and will try to carry on doing everything I think I should be doing. Most likely why I ended up so run down in the first place!!

Well that was my plan until my body had other ideas and I ended up vegged out on my bed for the whole of the week. Apart from watching the first and second series of Falling Skies (and starting on the third) I did sew a little, funnily enough it was things that I just hadn't gotten round to like sewing these gorgeous grey buttons on our mustard cushions. We bought them quite some time ago (ashamedly I think it was about 8 months ago) as a contrast to the grey wall we painted opposite the sofa (chimney breast wall) and I kept saying I will do them at the weekend. Ha ha how many times have I heard that before!!

Now I'm back to my usual self it feels fantastic. But I am still concious not to push myself too far in case it happens again. We're having a pretty slow paced weekend but still trying to pack lots in to fully enjoy the bank holiday weekend. Right I'm off to make a coffee and plan out what we're going to be doing today.

Have a fab weekend :D xx

Friday, 15 May 2015

If I were... make a bag for myself this is probably what it would look like. Although I didn't pick this fabric, my customer did, I love it!!!! Its a perfect combo for Summer.

To co-ordinate with the silvery grey flowers in the pattern of the main bag I chose a silver grey lining with a leaf pattern....

And now I have mastered the zippered pocket (as mentioned on my big To Do list) here is another, on the other side of the lining is a slip pocket perfect sizing for popping your mobile phone in.

 And hidden away inside the zippered pocket is a surprise everytime....this time turquoise polka dots!!

I'm really loving making these new style satchel bags and cant wait to make one for myself.......if I ever get round to it lol :D

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Weekly round up...

Time for a weekly round up, it's been a busy one (again) but we have absolutely no plans for the weekend. Maybe we'll get some more decorating done or pop into the garden for an afternoon tea yum!!! As long as it's relaxing I don't mind :D  

This week I've been trying to get this gorgeous beauty finished, I feel like I'm on the home stretch with it now. Main body is all sewn together along with a the small components. All that's left is the lining and construction of all the pieces together. 

I also had a couple of orders for decorations to make (no mention of the C word just yet lol) I still love sitting on an evening hand sewing these, I find it so theraputic. I did think that you would all call me crazy for posting photos of these so early in the year but hey if you lovely people order them I am happy to make them. It always feels strange sewing them when the sun is shining though.

The Gingers are still proving to be the favourite, a lovely lady in San Diego has ordered a set and they set off on their long journey yesterday. It still boggles my mind that my little makes travel to all sorts of destinations around the world. 

Well that's it for me, I'm going to go and put some coffee on and get some washing pegged out. Best take advantage of this lovely weather, here in the UK you never know how long it's going to last. Have a fab weekend!!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

And onto the next one...

I am so lucky that I get to work with all these gorgeous fabrics and colours! Here's what is next on my work desk, isn't it so pretty? 

I have already started sewing the components ie the strap, side pieces and pockets and I'm loving the fabric combination. I've picked a fabric the same hue as the red flowers in this fabric for the piping and the lining is going to be silvery grey. I'm keeping the secret zip pocket fabric a secret for now ;)  

Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter break

Happy Easter to you all, hope you're having a fabulous long weekend. We've just arrived back from visiting my parents for the weekend and got to catch up with my nephew and his wife and my adorable great-nephew. It was lovely to have the family together. Ashamedly I was bearing Christmas gifts too that had not been given, I know, I know it's April and only 8 1/2 months til Christmas....but this is how unorganised I have been of late (now don't punish me for saying the 'C' word!! :D).

Anyway it was a lovely couple of days and now I'm back home it's time to get things back in order here. It's quite possible that every item of clothing I own is either in the washing pile or the ironing basket so maybe that's the first hurdle to jump over? Then there's the garden needs sorting out, weeds and all that. And of course there is lots of sewing to catch up on and let's face it I would much rather be spending the rest of my bank holiday off sewing lovely things but first things first lets get life back on track! 

Oh by the way the top picture are the finished photos I took of Rachel's bag before it went off on its travels to her. I really do love the fabric combo.

On the journey back last night we picked up these at the services. This was Mr.B's and my treat to ourselves for Easter....fair swap for eggs I thought hmmmm nom!!! 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Fab Review *blush*

This is such a lovely review of my new style satchel bag!! Thank you for your kind words on the image to read Rachel's full post.