Monday, 28 July 2014

That feeling!

Feeling really excited this morning, no not just because I have a day off from the day job. I have finally made a decision of where I am taking Bagladee and it involves closing my order books until September.

As most people I always feel like I never have enough time to get everything done, including all those boring house work activities that need doing. And when all you want to do is spend your spare time doing creative things everything else seems to just annoy you, right?

Sometimes its good to take a step back and re-assess what you want and this is exactly what I am doing.

We have a list as long as our arm of all the DIY jobs we want to do to our 'new'ish' home. Now I say 'new'ish' in this context because for those of you who know buying this house was no piece of cake and turned out to be 20 emotional months of exhausting to-ing and fro-ing between solicitors/developers/mortgage company/western power. Now its FINALLY ours we really do want to put our stamp on it. It wont take us long and its just really cosmetic stuff that we have planned but we really want to focus on getting it all done so that we can enjoy the end of the year and go into the new year starting a fresh, maybe have a holiday along the way at some point. That certainly will be a long time coming as we have forfeited holidays for the last 3 years to get here!

So what do I have planned for Bagladee? Well specifically I have two new designs in my head that I need to get onto paper and then transfer into an actual drafted pattern. This will also include a purchase of some new hardware, metal 'o' rings, sliders, twist locks and also some new zips and a lot of new skills which I'm working on. I'm really going to push myself on these two bags. This is the main reason I feel excited, now who wouldn't??? I love supply shopping, it will also mean that I will be going through all of my fabrics and having a clear out, so watch out for some bargain bags of fabric that will be up for grabs.

Now I know photos have been very thin on the ground from me but I promise there will be some more soon. Maybe even some before and after photos of our DIY projects? What do you think?

Right I am off to pop the kettle on again and get cracking on todays 'to do' list then maybe a spot of supply shopping on the net ;) *punches the air* YES!!!!!!!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Making changes...

I know what you're thinking, coffee and toast at this time of the day, surely its lunch time? Well I suppose in the natural order of the day it is. However I was up at the crack of dawn, the call of the two fury ones always poses a threat to a weekend lie in. I don't mind so much seeing their cute little faces blinking back at me as I dish out their breakfast is enough to make me melt. Yes, I am a cat lady.

Usual boring chores are out of the way, another benefit of getting up early, all washing done and out on the line (please don't rain!), reasonable tidy up, a shower and a lot of thinking!!

I have been mulling things over a lot recently. We're coming to the end of a 20 month wait to finally have closure on our house, settling into my new job with  more prospects on the horizon, what crafting means to me and where I see my little business going (I do this one more than the rest, it seems to be a constant struggle in my mind) and just life in general. Maybe I tend to think about things too much and I'm definitely one of life's worriers. I've never been a person for looking back or worrying about things I've done, I always think the past is the past you cant change it so there's no point in spending your time worrying about it. I do like to plan though on a big scale and I have lists galore of things I want to do. So if anything my energy is focused on the things I am yet to achieve.

Chris and I have spent the last three years trying to get to where we are now, getting away from where we lived previously was the main focus but that in turn had an effect on all aspects of our lives. Finally all that is sorted and we look like were getting back to what we call normal.

I don't need to sit here and explain to you all how much I love to craft and how important my little business is to me. But I definitely think that I am going through a changing cycle and that I no longer want to work to specific constraints that I have previously set myself. Its almost like I want to start a fresh, reinvent myself. Do you know what I mean?

I'd like 'Bagladee' to become more fluid....when I say this what I actually mean is that I want to get away from 'making stock' and move more into exploring my creativity. You will have to excuse me if I'm not explaining things more clearly, it is mapped out in my head its just difficult to transfer into words. In the beginning I started Bagladee with the intention that everything would evolve and change so as not to stay stagnant. I'm not saying that I'm feeling 'stagnant' but I am craving pushing things further and into new territories.

So moving on from this I have decided to host an event on my facebook page to sell some of my stock to make room for 'new projects'. On Friday 27th June, my event will be held between 7-9pm and will be called "Make me an offer". There will be a wide variety of items up for grabs, a chance for me to clear the decks so to speak for moving forward.

One aspect I've not figured out yet is my website, what does this change mean for my little piece of web space? Maybe once I have settled into this new phase the answer will come naturally. So I hope you will all stick with me through my journey........lets see where it takes me!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Pearls, sausages and waffle....

So whilst my sausage casserole is cooking nicely in the oven I thought I'd stop by, yes I do have some lovely photos for you to.

But first a little bit of waffle :D Week number 3 in the new day job.....still loving it, its very busy and a little bit un-organised (on my part) but I'm starting to find my feet now. It makes such a difference liking my job, My head is constantly buzzing with ideas and I'm not as tired as I was in my previous job. Big tick!

This week we have also had to have our lovely garden dug up to move an electrical cable, very long and boring story, but the main thing is that its almost done and hopefully it wont be too long before the grass grows again. I've had a week or so aimlessly wandering around (in my mind) as to what to make, I always feel like that after I've completed custom orders. I think the discipline of working to someone else's specifications keeps me focused but as soon as that's complete I seem to drift about for a short amount of time. Maybe its just my way of re grouping my thoughts etc.

Any way want to see some of the orders I've been working on???? Yeah, OK then....

I absolutely love this clutch bag, I was asked to make something with a shoulder strap in black so it could be worn with many different outfits. 

It was for a 60th Birthday and needed to have soemething 'pearl' on it. So I bought these gorgeous pearl and rhinestone buttons which give the bag a very classy look.

I wanted to pick something fun for the lining inside (I cant resist putting patterned fabrics somewhere) I found this monochrome floral print in my stash.....

What do you think??? 

I received a lovely thank you card from the lady who ordered it for her Mam who loved it.

I have lots of these frames in stock so I'm off to see if I can order some duchess satin in bright pink :D well you know me, I do like brights!!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Friday already?

Woah where did that week go??? Maybe it was starting the week on a Tuesday, maybe it was because I started a new job or maybe it was because I was frantically learning everything I could before the end of today from the lady who is leaving to go on maternity?

Anyway it has flown by and here we are Friday again :)

My first week in my new job has been great......wait a minute did I just say great??? Oh yeah I did!! I know I can barely believe it myself. I think its going to take me a couple of weeks to get settled but I'm certainly enjoying it so far.

I feel like my head is no longer 'fuzzy' and I can finally cut off work life from home life! Lets hope it stays that way.

I'm currently working on some more fabric boxes and I have some photos of last weeks custom orders (still yet to be edited). Hopefully I will get those done to show you this weekend. Getting the itch to buy some new fabric but I must resist as I have a load in my stash that I've been planning on using for aagggeeesssssss...! Best get cracking, have a lovely weekend, where ever you are :)

Em xxx

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bank holidays are the best, right?

*does a little dance*

Its that time holiday weekend! Woop!

Now these are my type of weekends, extended ones. We don't really have anything planned other than I told C that we must spend at least one day doing something different other than, gardening/painting/cleaning/working. I still have no idea what we're going to do! What do you have planned, is it weather permitting? I know British bank holidays are usually renowed for being gloomy and rainy but Saturday and Monday don't look too bad according to the weather reports, however there is a chance of rain on Sunday :(

Oh well I will enjoy the looooonng weekend whatever the weather.

I do have some little news. Now you all know that I have a day job, right? And for those of you who have been reading my blog over the years will know I have worked there for 10 years, most of it has been OK but lately I have not been enjoying it so much and wondered what the future had in store for me and whether or not I was brave enough to take the plunge and try something new. A little while ago an internal position came up in a completely different department and I decided to take a punt and apply.......I was interviewed and many, many weeks later (Monday) I was offered the job! I start on Tuesday!!

My previous job was customer interfacing (I work for a VERY big company) and now I will be working as a Stores Co-ordinator in the Stores Office. It is very different to what I have previously done but I am so looking forward to the challenge, in fact this is the first time in quite a few years that I have felt enthusiastic about going to work. I'll still be ploughing ahead with Bagladee, but I think this new position will make me a lot happier in my work life, which if you've gotta do a day job it would be quite nice if you didn't hate going to work everyday wouldn't it?

So I'm going to enjoy the weekend and see what next week brings. I have a little bit of sewing to do but I'm keeping that for Sunday for a few hours before lunch.

Whatever you have planned this weekend I hope you all have a lovely time. Now time to go and put some more coffee on and toast some crumpets. Yum!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

We've spent a lovely weekend relaxing with my parents, eating good food and chatting. I am yet to make a start on our chocolate eggs but I'm sure later on this evening when we get home I will manage to make a hole in a few ;)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A long weekend ahead...

Today was the start of a very long weekend for me, no day job now until next Wednesday!! *punches the air*

So ashamedly I have spent most of the day in my PJ's, in my defence I have done ALL the ironing and made some lemon and vanilla cupcakes, oh yes as well as vacuuming the house. So not bad for having a day off.

I've also been busy adding some new items to my website, including these gorgeous clutch bags and trying to get through the mountain of emails that have been building up this week. We're travelling up north tomorrow to spend a couple of days with my parents and then I intend to spend Monday and Tuesday working on some custom orders. Over the past week my order book has started to fill up fast. They all seem to be varied projects too which I like so cant wait to get started. 

Going to try really hard not to spend the weekend scoffing chocolate eggs but I just cant guarantee that will happen so lets not mention it on Monday ;) 

Have a great Easter everyone xx