Sunday, 22 March 2015

Let's have a catch up...

What a perfect time for a proper catch up, early Sunday morning, everyone else is still in bed, the cats have been fed so I've made myself a cuppa and I'm in my favourite spot in the lounge with my blanket and Nell fidgeting on my knee.

With everything else that's going on I totally forgot to show you the goodies that I won from the lovely Christy's giveaway over at Sweet Tidings. Oh how I do love washi tape, the blue one on the end is my favourite. I also received a cute note book, stickers and a pen with a coffee cup on the top (very appropriate for me being a huge coffee fan). Thanks Christy :D

Also I finished this gorgeous beauty, if you follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page you will have seen a picture of the full bag. Its funny, I knew exactly what fabrics to choose with the lovely Rachel in mind and she commented straight away on my fabric selection. I really love to make custom bags, there's something really special about crafting something for someone you feel you know but have never met in the flesh.

And then this also happened, I finally finished undercoating the whole and yes I mean the whole of the banister!!!!! It was a massive job but its looking fantastic so far! I cant wait to get it glossed now. That will be a job for a couple of weekends I think. Then it will be onto the next DIY job.

And then on Friday this was my view of the eclipse from the car park at work, there were quite a few of us stood outside waiting together to see what would happen. It was eerily grey and the sun did just look like the moon but as I've never seen one before this was pretty special. I have no idea what I was actually doing for the last eclipse? Oh well maybe I will still be around the next time we have one? 

Right now that's me all caught up what about you? 

I'm off to go and potter in the garden, there are some naughty weeds appearing already and it wont be long now until the grass will need cutting, its definitely spring out there for sure :D

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

'THE' list

Oooops I've just remembered that I promised to tell you all about my 'LIST' but I think I forgot about it just a little bit :) In the break after Christmas just before I went back to work I sat down and started writing a list of things I wanted to do or learn in 2015. I don't really tend to make New Year's Resolutions, and this year especially I wanted to be able to look back at a year where I really took charge of business. Also having a list to work to seems to be the best way to get myself motivated. I do love a good list, don't you?

So would you like to see that list? 

OK here it is:

1. Master twist locks
2. Learn how to bake red velvet cupcakes
3. Master piping
4. Go on holiday!
5. Learn to crochet
6. Master zippered pockets
7. Learn to ice skate - without falling on my butt!
8. Eat healthier
9. Drink more water
10. Meet up with the lovely Sarah and Rachel (I promise ladies I will do this!!)
11. De-stash some fabrics

I think its a reasonably achievable list, some sewing/crafting goals and some personal ones thrown in too. Now you might be thinking how is "Go on holiday" on a to do list but since we haven't been on holiday for the last 3 years its definitely on my to do list. We have thought about going to Cornwall or Devon, as I'm a northern gal the south coast was a little too far to travel when I was younger. Then maybe next year we can stretch to a overseas holiday. Obviously you can see the progress with the sewing/crafty goals here on my blog and I'm making a concious effort to eat healthier and move about more. 

I went ice skating at Christmas and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it, I hadn't been skating since I was 14. I'm proud to say that I didn't fall over once and by the time the session was over I wanted to skate again. Nottingham has a pretty impressive ice rink and I have heard a little rumour that they do a disco session on a Friday and Saturday night!! I'd like to make more time for fun activities and since Mr.B can already skate its a great opportunity to do something fun together. So the general goal for 2015 is to live healthier, have more fun, push myself more and spend more time with my lovely friends. 

I've got this list nailed!!! :D

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Last Summer I decided that I wanted to paint my studio, so I put together this little collection of images that inspired me. 

I love this colour, as I picked it from a Dulux chart it does not have a name just a number. So for argument sake I will say it's mint green. I find it very relaxing and is a great colour to match with. 

I've already been and bought the fabric boxes that fit into my IKEA shelving unit and have my eye on a new chair for my sewing desk but that will have to wait until I have some spare pennies. I've had a huge clear out and re-organised all of my sewing stash ready for my studio makeover. 

I picked these up at B&Q a couple of weeks ago in their sale. A teal coloured throw and two cushions. I don't really have a colour scheme but I figure that grey, teal and orange look really nice together with the mint green. I also have some prints to go up on the wall once it's all decorated. Just need to get this banister finished and then I can get started.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Red velvet yumminess...

Did I tell you about my list? No? Well I shall save that for another post. So on this 'list' was to attempt to make Red velvet cupcakes. I know I have made cupcakes before and some of you might remember that I went on a cupcake decorating course a few year ago. But all my previous baking has been based on the 3 egg rule. You know you take 3 eggs and weigh them, what ever the weight this is how much butter, flour and sugar you need. 

This recipe however came from Nigella's website and to be truthful the ingredients scared me a little. 

I've never used cider vinegar in cakes before or buttermilk for that matter. But I thought Nigella can't be wrong ( I love Nigella she's my favourite TV chef). I loved the deep red colour of the batter once I'd added half a ton (not really) of the red food paste. They smelt devine whilst they were cooking and I managed to get a modest 28 cupcakes out of the mixture. 

I made cream cheese frosting for the tops, again Nigella's recipe and it is the nicest one I have tried to date. Then I grated some chocolate on the top of the frosting. I took some to work and sent some over to Mr.B's parents, the rest were consumed by us with many a cup of tea.

I'm glad I took the plunge and tried out this recipe the cake was deliciously chocolatly and moist and light. This photos not great but they really were red, given it was a more demure maroon colour rather than the rich crimson of the raw batter but it was good enough for me and my testers who all said they were yummy!

So Red velvet cupcakes = tick! 

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Oooooh pretty!

And here it is my first new design bag in a long time! Boy does it feel good to say that, it has been a while. 

I love the anticipation of drawing up a new pattern with a vision if what it will look like in my head. I never make a mock up first, I always just dive in with my chosen fabric and work with any obstacles I come up against. 

Looking back I am thinking that was a mighty brave decision I took considering all the new skills I tried out on this beautiful bag. I suppose it never enters my mind that it 'won't work'. 

I have since purchased some thinner cord for piping and a piping foot to see how perfect I can get those seams.

Overall I am as us Northerners would say thoroughly chuffed with this one. It looks exactly how I had imagined right at the very start doodling away in my note pad. I already have two more orders for this style bag even though I have only been showing little sneak peeks so that must be a good sign :D 

I have another design waiting in the wings but i think that one will come later on in the Summer. Let this pretty lady have her day first.

Sunday, 25 January 2015


Proudly displaying my very first attempt of piping properly!!! It turned out better than I had hoped. To me it looks magnificent but I think that is mainly due to the fact I have always wanted to accomplish piping and that I didn't have to unpick it once. Was it a fluke I got it first time round? 

I can't really say that for the piping on the seams of the main part of the bag, now that was tricky!! I've come to the conclusion that the thick piping along side the canvas material and extra interfacing to make the bag really sturdy was just too much for me and my little machine to handle. There was quite a bit if swearing and unpicking but it paid off in the end.

I'm really happy with the overall shape of the bag. I just want to do a little bit of tweaking (as I always do). There are some little side panels to fit, a twist lock and the strap of course. Then I am going to tackle the lining, which includes the next thing on my "learn to" list which is to master the zippered pocket!!! ��

Wish me luck x

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Here's to a very belated Happy New Year to you all. So then that was 2014 done and dusted. Christmas seems like a distant memory already. Maybe it's because I'm so focused on 2015. I have closed the door on a few events from last year and I'm excited about moving forward. I've never really been one for looking back so here's to a fun filled, adventurous year.

I opened my 'new' order book and first in line was this campervan bag, admittedly this one is for my Mam but she has been waiting patiently since Summer last year so it's only right this one be the first new bag of 2015. 

It's a new shaped satchel type bag. I never really have names for the style if bags I design, as I make all my patterns from scratch it's just what comes to mind whilst sketching. I predominately think about practicality and then begin to add little details as the pattern progresses.

I really love this polka dot material and thought it added a little fun to the muted colours of the campervan fabric.

One thing I promised myself for this year was that I would push myself as far as I could with design. I've always wanted to add piping to my bags. I have a well known branded bag I was bought as a gift some time ago and I love the fact it has chunky piping along the seams. To be totally honest I was absolutely petrified about trying it out. 

So far it's looking great, still a way to go but once I've got the hang of it I'll be feeling a lot more confident. It's a slow and steady approach for the moment.

My order book is already filled to March but I'm looking forward to an opportunity to pick a fabric myself and create one that I can offer for sale.

I'll pop back and show you some more progress soon ��
Enjoy he rest of the weekend. x